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Spiritual Healing

Spiritual Healing

Damanhur Academy, where I study, has dedicated more than forty years to researching, modernizing and refining the practice of energy healing, with a strong focus on the hygiene and safety aspect of energy healing. They have also coupled the hands-on practices with the recovered use of ancient technologies called Selfica. Spiritual Healing has hundreds of practitioners around the world providing input to Damanhur’s research through their own practices. The techniques have been distilled into a safe and effective method that supports and encourages improved health and happiness for all who take part. Damanhur Academy is located in Vidracco, Italy.

Pranic energy is intelligent. It is the life force governs all the gross and subtle parts of the human being – that is, all our “bodies” from the physical to the purely energetic.  Because it penetrates all those layers, it is able to go where it is needed most and initiate the healing that is needed. In the hands of a trained healer it can also be focused or directed. 

The School for Spiritual Healing is a three to five year course (three for full healer’s certification, five for teaching certification). I was certified to practice at a specific level at the end of year one. At the end of year two (May 2024) I will have additional skills and methods and be authorized to employ them. Year three further deepens and broadens the healer’s skill. An oral examination and thesis are required to achieve full certification. 

Prior to enrolling in Damanhur Academy, I previously completed level one studies in Sat Nam Rasayan, Reiki and independant study of Hands of Light and Therapeutic Touch. 

The session takes place in the safe and harmonious environment of my studio or in your home, if you are housebound. You are invited to relax in a comfortable chair. We briefly discuss your healing goals and I explain the technologies and techniques that we will employ together. These include a simple breathing process, and some Selfic technologies used by Damanhur Academy. The process can be entirely touch-free, if you prefer. The Studio chair includes a Biomat® and therapeutic sheepskin to encourage deep relaxation and the grounding of your auric field. Music of the Plants may also used.

The session includes red light and white noise. After we talk, I stand behind you and extend my hands over your head to deliver the pranic energy as we breathe together.  During and after a session, virtually everyone reports feeling a deep sense of rest and peace. However, emotions, memories, intuitions, even smells, sounds or visual images, as well as temperature fluctuations may arise. These can be viewed with curiosity and allowed to pass. They are a form of “energetic detox.”

I also offer private yoga instruction with a goal of helping you create a private practice that meets your specific needs, interests and limitations (time, mobility, etc.). I am certified as an instructor 3HO Kundalini Yoga, a style I have been practicing since 2000 and teaching since 2003. My yoga practice began in 1979. I also have taken courses and studied Ayurveda since 2017 and have made it my own lifestyle practice for many years.

The most basic description of the layers of the human body lists Spiritual, Mental, Emotional, Etheric, and Physical. The ancient yogis say each Being has ten bodies: Soul Body, Negative Mind, Positive Mind, Neutral Mind, Physical Body, Arc Line, Auric Body, Pranic Body, Subtle Body, and Radiant Body. 

Isn’t it interesting to realize that the physical body, which generally dominates our awareness, is really just a small part of our makeup? This awareness is just one of the gift of cultivating a personal yogic practice and there is a configuration that is right for Every Body!

Schedule a session with me and together we’ll create the blueprint for a practice or lifestyle tailored to fit you, drawing on yoga’s many branches, including her sister science of Ayurveda.

Yogic lifestyle practices are helpful for full integration of pranic healing therapy.

About Spiritual Healing

Spiritual Healing is a form of energy healing using the Life Force that resides in all living beings and beyond the world of form. The life force is also called prana, prano, chi, and ki. This mode of healing through the hands is also called “pranic therapy.”

This transmission of life force energy can bring about powerful changes in physical, mental, emotional and spiritual states of being.

The Spiritual Healing tradition of Damanhur also calls this “pranic therapy.” Through the healer’s hands and training, prana is drawn from the energetic realm into the realm of matter (into you). Hands-on healing is the oldest form of healing known to humankind and the experience of Spiritual Healing is unique to every being, because each of us is unique. 

Spiritual Healing is helpful for any stage or level of health or disease. Whether simply increasing energy and self-motivation or assisting you to heal persistent physical or emotional wounds, it works because the intelligence of the life force wants your highest good.

Spiritual healing is also  highly effective for those greatest of life’s milestones — birth and death — easing the transitions for all involved.

To know if Spiritual Healing is right for you or your loved one, first, trust your intuition. If unsure, try one session with me and together we can determine if it is both “right action” and “right timing” for you.

Both children and companion animals (such as dogs and horses) respond well to pranic therapies. I am always delighted to work with them. Young or anxious children can be held on a parent’s lap.s

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Cost & Frequency

  • Spiritual Healing* $45

    One Session (45min)

  • Healing Package $369

    10 Spiritual Healing Sessions

  • Private Yoga Instruction $45-$90

    Personal Practice Development (50-90 min)

  • Healing/Yoga Package $444

    6 Spiritual Healing Sessions; 6 Private Yoga Classes (50 min)

  • *Both Spiritual Healing and yoga are considered to be complementary medicine that can be used alongside western (allopathic) medicine to aid in recovery. Pranic healing is NOT allopathic (western) medicine and is not a substitute for it. Healers do not diagnose, treat or prescribe as a doctor would. You must always take responsibility for your own decisions and choices regarding your health.

You can have one session or many. Six to ten sessions, one time per week, is recommended for specific or persistent issues. For acute problems, the pranic therapy can be given daily. Many people use it as part of a regular self-care routine — generally weekly, bi-weekly or monthly. 

My economic philosophy is one of “more if you can, less if you can’t.” No one is turned away due to the ability to pay. If you are on the “more” side of the equation, consider a greater investment to support those who long for healing, yet lack the resources. Thinking differently about the “money” exchange system is one way to “be the change you wish to see…”

Ask me a question.

Begin the Path to Wholeness.

Diving Deeper into Spiritual Healing

This material is provided by the Spiritual Healing researchers of Damanhur Academy.

Although the term healers often generically identifies all those who treat diseases with systems other than those used by official medicine, healers are actually those who heal with their hands. They are gifted and trained individuals who emanate healing force. This force can be of two types: biomagnetic (commonly known as magnetism) or bioradiant. Both have been used since ancient times to heal all kinds of diseases. 

Healing with bio-radiant energy, as Spiritual Healing does, works for all diseases without distinction, from non-threatening to the most serious illness. The first action of prana is to restore the nervous balance and detoxify the body. It also fills holes and tears in the bio-magnetic field, also called the aura.

The degree of effectiveness of the pranic treatment and the speed of healing depends on many factors: 

  1. The stage of disease: the more the disease is rooted, the longer the cure.

  2. The age of the patient: Bio-radiant energy acts more quickly on children than on the elderly, who often have a state of general weakness in addition to the specific disease for which they seek treatment. 
  3. The attunement between patient and healer: Every healer finds individuals who absorb bio-radiant energy more quickly than others. This depends, in fact, on the relationship that is established between them. With some, you can obtain results that seem miraculous from the first session. For others, many applications may be necessary before you reach concrete results. 
  4. Often after the first sessions, there may be a resurgence of the disease, an accentuation of symptoms. This is a positive occurrence, because it is one of the ways that the body rapidly “discharges” the illness. 
  5. Selfica, a new art to manage subtle energies, is the revolutionary technology with which Damanhurian healers enhance and specialize their prano-therapeutic treatments.

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