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Officiating & Ritual Planning

Officiating and Ritual Planning Laurie J Baker

Perhaps the most familiar ritual for officiating, but are you really satisfied to follow the dictates of a multi-billion dollar industry or would you prefer to write your own story?

Though the planning requires thoughtfulness, creating your event can take as much or as little time as you have to give. Engaging professional help smooths the way to a beautiful day.

Perhaps you want to get handfasted or married while on a camping trip. On top of a haybale? Beside a river?

Unusual locations, innovative formats and language are fun and memorable. I’m here to help with concept, logistics and problem-solving, as well as to serve as legal officiant if desired.

We all die, but more importantly, we all are left behind when our loved ones cross that veil. It’s deeply painful, even traumatic. And then there are all the religious questions and options. What was right for the one who is gone? What is right for you at this time? Helping people shape funerals and memorial services has built another multi-billion dollar institution. But there are simpler and more meaningful – truly personal – ways to say goodbye. I can help.

Birthdays are not enough. Coming of age, menstruation, gender transition/coming out are a few of the under-recognized transformative times for youth. What would change for our youth if we marked their stages of life with greater intention?

Have you noticed the holes in the communal fabric of how we assist boys to become men, or acknowledge that our daughters have become women; that our mother and aunts have gained new status as elders?  And how can we acknowledge old men, helping them pass gracefully into the role of elder statesman, grandfather, totem and spine for the young to lean on and learn from? So too the onset and end of menopause for women, or croning and eldering for the old. 

Psychology and social science affirm that failing to acknowledge these transformative and liminal periods is unhealthy for individuals, families and the community. (Many studies affirm this. I have linked two such articles above.)

Let’s start new traditions for life’s transitions! Schedule a call with me and we will talk and sketch our way into a map for your adventure, creating an event, ritual, ceremony or action that will shape the memory as you will it.

Transforming Transitions

Officiating and Ritual Planning

Create your own ceremonies and add meaning and richness to life’s transformational moments. 

Ritual is ceremonially taking notice of life transitions. It creates a container to manifest the intentions of individuals or groups. It says “This is who I am now” with pride and reverence.

The national and international move away from organized religion as a central component of family and community life has damaged the ways we acknowledge significant life changes. We can fill this gap in both private and public ways by creating rituals and hosting ceremonies that acknowledge life events innovatively. And not just the traditional ones. 

Imagine bringing forth the underlying blessing and gifting archetype of a “baby shower” with a ritual element such as a flower blessing?

Imagine you’ve gone through the painful dissolution of a relationship: What would your “event of acknowledgment” look like? Then, time passes and you find your way to the “New You.” How would you choose to celebrate?

Meanwhile marriages and memorials go on. All ceremonies and events can be simple or elaborate, private or splashy. And they all work better with planning and guidance from an experienced and innovative ritual leader. 

Schedule a call with me to talk how to mark the stages of your journey.

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  • Initial one-hour consultation Free

    Via Zoom or in person

  • Event Planning Varies

    negotiated based on complexity and time commitment

  • Officiating $100-300

    negotiated based on complexity and time commitment

I have conducted weddings, memorials and other ceremonies in North Dakota, Minnesota and Montana and am recognized as a legal officiant in those states. If legal status in another state better meets your needs, I am happy to seek registration there. I have been a licensed minister of the Universal Church since 2011.

Weddings and hand-fasting, funerals and memorials, plus other ceremonies to mark important life transitions will be creatively tailored to the intentions and uniqueness of the person, couple, or group being celebrated. Rituals can range from the traditional to the outré — the important element is “does it fit you?”

Ask me a question.

Plan your ritual.

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