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Laurie J. Baker

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Laurie J. Baker

Do you yearn for a world that supports all beings in love? Do you long for some unspecified “more” in your life? Come into communication with the life force in and around you, meet your inner teacher and follow the promptings of your Soul. Healing begins with the desire to be healed. Wholeness begins with seeing the world through new eyes. I welcome the opportunity help guide your transformative journey.

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Transformation begins with how we relate to ourselves and the world around us.

As a child, what did you love to play most? With whom did you love to play? What and how do you play now, as an adult?

These are not simple or silly questions. Our sense of play too easily slips away and we are made poorer because our capacity for and memory of happiness is diminished as a result. Play invites greater ease and synchronicity into our lives. Play opens the door to wholeness and authenticity – the cornerstones of transformative growth.

Do you remember when the unseen world was real to you? Is it real to you now? The indwelling spirit that inhabits plants, animals, stones, water, and the very air we breathe, has never departed, yet most of us are blind to it, beyond a vague sense of “more” and rare moments of awe.

Needing “more” where do we look? The answer is in all the holy books: Seek, you will Find. Ask, you will Receive  Knock, the Door will open for you.

Consciously choose the doors you will open, the paths you will walk.

Writing the Story of a Chosen Path

If you enjoy reading essays, poetry and stream of consciousness musings about place, spirituality, nature and family, I invite you to check out Laurie’s Treehouse, my creative writing space. I’ve kept journals since I was eight. Looking back, I see the same themes repeating year after year. It used to upset me, but at long last, I recognize those themes as the story of my soul’s growth in this life.

Here’s a recent attempt at telling that story in two paragraphs:

A Child, nurtured by Trees, loved to sway in their branchy arms as they murmured comfort and encouragement. The Child would unlock her small white diary with its tiny brass key and record all she could remember of the tree stories. Her Tree friends sang of the animal people, the plant people and the spirit people living in harmony with one another. They told her that when she was older she would become a helper, guiding others to make the changes they needed. So the Child was eager to be older. 

It took a long time. There were ordeals and initiations, mishaps, misadventures and poor choices. Wounded in many ways by the growing (as are we all), the Child sought her own healing and worked hard to become a writer, a wisdom seeker and a someday-healer. Happily, her life was also filled with joy and celebration, love, angels, friends, and babies. After 70 years of growing and seeking, the Child became an Elder. To her life as wisdom-seeker, tree-friend, and story-writer, she added joy-dancer, grandmother, leader, healer and guide and the next phase of her life began.

How does your soul or higher self communicate with you? I would love to support you in your process of discovery and transformation. Take the next step and schedule a call with me below.


MAY I HELP YOU? . . . to design a ritual for your journey, to coax out the story waiting to be told, or to provide Spiritual Healing via the transformational catalyst of pranic therapy.

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